One of the benefits of creating AI applications with Dify is that you can launch a user-friendly Web application in just a few minutes, based on your Prompt orchestration.

  • If you are using the self-hosted open-source version, the application will run on your server.

  • If you are using the cloud version, the application will be hosted on udify.app.

Launch WebApp

In the application overview page, you can find a card for the AI site (WebApp). Simply enable WebApp access to get a shareable link for your users.

We provide a sleek WebApp interface for both of the following applications:

  • Text Generation (go to preview)

  • Conversational (go to preview)

Configure your WebApp

Click the settings button on the WebApp card to configure some options for the AI site. These will be visible to the end users:

  • Icon

  • Name

  • Application Description

  • Interface Language

  • Copyright Information

  • Privacy Policy Link

Embed your WebApp

Dify supports embedding your AI application into your business website. With this capability, you can create AI customer service and business knowledge Q&A applications with business data on your official website within minutes. Click the embed button on the WebApp card, copy the embed code, and paste it into the desired location on your website.

  • For iframe tag:

    Copy the iframe code and paste it into the tags (such as <div>, <section>, etc.) on your website used to display the AI application.

  • For script tag:

    Copy the script code and paste it into the <head> or <body> tags on your website.

For example, if you paste the script code into the section of your official website, you will get an AI chatbot on your website:

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