Contribution Guide

Code Structure

The following code file structure outlines the organization of the project:

├── server                // Server startup entry point
├── lib                   // Shared library entry point
└── test                  // Common test scripts
[build/]                  // Build scripts for different architectures and platforms
[internal/]               // Internal packages
├── controller            // HTTP request handlers
├── middleware            // Request processing middleware
├── server                // Server setup and configuration
├── service               // Controller services
├── static                // Configuration files
│   ├── nodejs_syscall    // Node.js system call whitelist
│   └── python_syscall    // Python system call whitelist
├── types                 // Entity definitions
├── core                  // Core isolation and execution logic
│   ├── lib               // Shared libraries
│   ├── runner            // Code execution
│   │   ├── nodejs        // Node.js executor
|   |   └── python        // Python executor
└── tests                 // CI/CD tests


The core functionality has two entry points: the HTTP service entry for DifySandbox and the dynamic link library entry. When the Sandbox runs code, it first generates a temporary code file. This file begins by calling the dynamic link library to initialize the runtime environment (the Sandbox). The user's code is then executed within this temporary file, ensuring that the system remains protected from potentially harmful user-submitted code.

The dynamic link library uses Seccomp to restrict system calls. The static directory contains nodejs_syscall and python_syscall files, which provide system call whitelists for both ARM64 and AMD64 architectures. There are four files in total. Please do not modify these files unless absolutely necessary.

How to Contribute

For minor issues like Typos and Bugs, feel free to submit a Pull Request. For major changes or Feature-level submissions, please open an Issue first to facilitate discussion.

To-Do List

Here are some items we're currently considering. If you're interested, you can choose one to contribute:

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