Sync Data from Website

This document primarily introduces how to scrape data from a web page, parse it into Markdown, and import it into the Dify knowledge base.

Dify's knowledge base supports web scraping and parsing into Markdown for import through integration with Firecrawl.

Firecrawl is an open-source web parsing tool that converts web pages into clean Markdown format text that LLMs easily recognize. It also provides an easy-to-use API service.

How to Configure

1. Configure Firecrawl API credentials

First, you need to configure Firecrawl credentials in the Data Source section of the Settings page.

Log in to the Firecrawl website to complete registration, get your API Key, and then enter and save it in Dify.

2. Scrape target webpage

On the knowledge base creation page, select Sync from website and enter the URL to be scraped.

The configuration options include: Whether to crawl sub-pages, Page crawling limit, Page scraping max depth, Excluded paths, Include only paths, and Content extraction scope. After completing the configuration, click Run to preview the parsed pages.

3. Review import results

After importing the parsed text from the webpage, it is stored in the knowledge base documents. View the import results and click Add URL to continue importing new web pages.

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