Conversation Application

Conversational applications engage in continuous dialogue with users in a question-and-answer format. These applications support the following features (ensure these functions are enabled during application orchestration):

  • Variables filled out before the conversation.

  • Creation, pinning, and deletion of conversations.

  • Conversation opening statements.

  • Next step question suggestions.

  • Speech-to-text.

  • References and attributions.

Variables Filled Out Before the Conversation

If you have set variable filling requirements during application orchestration, you will need to fill out the prompted information before entering the conversation window:

Fill in the necessary details and click the "Start Conversation" button to begin chatting.

Hover over the AI's response to copy the conversation content, and provide "like" or "dislike" feedback.

Creation, Pinning, and Deletion of Conversations

Click the "New Conversation" button to start a new conversation. Hover over a conversation to pin or delete it.

Conversation Opening Statements

If the "Conversation Opening Statement" feature is enabled during application orchestration, the AI application will automatically initiate the first line of dialogue when a new conversation is created:

Next Step Question Suggestions

If the "Next Step Question Suggestions" feature is enabled during application orchestration, the system will automatically generate 3 relevant question suggestions after the conversation:


If the "Speech-to-Text" feature is enabled during application orchestration, you will see a speech input icon in the input box of the web application. Click the icon to convert speech to text:

Please ensure that your device environment is authorized to use the microphone.

References and Attributions

When testing the knowledge base effect within the application, you can go to Workspace -- Add Function -- Citation and Attribution to enable the citation attribution feature. For detailed instructions, please refer to Citation and Attribution.

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