Manage App

Editing Application Information

After creating an application, if you want to modify the application name or description, you can click "Edit info" in the upper left corner of the application to revise the application's icon, name, or description.

Duplicating Application

All applications support copying. Click "Duplicate" in the upper left corner of the application.

Switch to Workflow Orchestrate


Exporting Application

Applications created in Dify can be exported in DSL format. You can freely import the configuration file into any Dify workspace.

Dify DSL is an AI application engineering file standard defined by Dify.AI in v0.6 and later. The file format is YML. This standard covers the basic description of the application, model parameters, orchestration configuration, and other information.

Deleting Application

If you want to remove an application, you can click "Delete" in the upper left corner of the application.

⚠️ The deletion of an application cannot be undone. All users will be unable to access your application, and all prompts, orchestration configurations, and logs within the application will be deleted.

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