Integrate Local Models Deployed by OpenLLM

With OpenLLM, you can run inference with any open-source large-language models, deploy to the cloud or on-premises, and build powerful AI apps. And Dify supports connecting to OpenLLM deployed large language model's inference capabilities locally.

Deploy OpenLLM Model

Starting OpenLLM

Each OpenLLM Server can deploy one model, and you can deploy it in the following way:

docker run --rm -it -p 3333:3000 start facebook/opt-1.3b --backend pt

Note: Using the facebook/opt-1.3b model here is only for demonstration, and the effect may not be good. Please choose the appropriate model according to the actual situation. For more models, please refer to: Supported Model List.

After the model is deployed, use the connected model in Dify.

Fill in under Settings > Model Providers > OpenLLM:

  • Model Name: facebook/opt-1.3b

  • Server URL: http://<Machine_IP>:3333 Replace with your machine IP address

Click "Save" and the model can be used in the application.

This instruction is only for quick connection as an example. For more features and information on using OpenLLM, please refer to: OpenLLM

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