Stable Diffusion is a tool for generating images based on text prompts, Dify has implemented the interface to access the Stable Diffusion WebUI API, so you can use it directly in Dify. followings are steps to integrate Stable Diffusion in Dify.

1. Make sure you have a machine with a GPU

Stable Diffusion requires a machine with a GPU to generate images. but it's not necessary, you can just use CPU to generate images, but it will be slow.

2. Launch Stable Diffusion WebUI

Launch the Stable Diffusion WebUI on your local machine or server.

2.1. Clone the Stable Diffusion WebUI repository

Clone the Stable Diffusion WebUI repository from the official repository

git clone

2.2. Launch it locally

After cloning the repository, you should change directory to the cloned repository and run the following command to launch the Stable Diffusion WebUI.


cd stable-diffusion-webui
./webui.bat --api --listen


cd stable-diffusion-webui
./ --api --listen

2.3. Prepare Models

Now you can access the Stable Diffusion WebUI on your browser according to the address shown in the terminal, but the models are not available yet. You need to download the models HuggingFace or other sources and put them in the models directory of the Stable Diffusion WebUI.

For example, we use pastel-mix as the model, use git lfs to download the model and put it in the models directory in stable-diffusion-webui.

git clone

2.4 Get Model Name

Now you can see pastel-mix in the model list, but we still need to get the model name, visit http://your_id:port/sdapi/v1/sd-models, you will see the model name like below.

        "title": "pastel-mix/pastelmix-better-vae-fp32.ckpt [943a810f75]",
        "model_name": "pastel-mix_pastelmix-better-vae-fp32",
        "hash": "943a810f75",
        "sha256": "943a810f7538b32f9d81dc5adea3792c07219964c8a8734565931fcec90d762d",
        "filename": "/home/takatost/stable-diffusion-webui/models/Stable-diffusion/pastel-mix/pastelmix-better-vae-fp32.ckpt",
        "config": null

The model_name is what we need, in this case, it's pastel-mix_pastelmix-better-vae-fp32.

3. Integrate Stable Diffusion in Dify

Fill in the Authentication and Model Configuration in Tools > StableDiffusion > To Authorize with the information you get from the previous steps.

4. Finish

Just try use it in Dify!

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