Cloud Services

Note: Dify is currently in the Beta testing phase. If there are inconsistencies between the documentation and the product, please refer to the actual product experience.

Dify offers a cloud service for everyone, so you can use the full functionality of Dify without deploying it yourself. Explore the flexible Plans and Pricing and select the plan that best suits your needs and requirements.

Get started now with the Sandbox plan, which includes a free trial of 200 OpenAI calls, no credit card required. To use the Sandbox plan of the cloud version, you will need a GitHub or Google account, as well as an OpenAI API key. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Sign up to Dify Cloud and create a new Workspace or join an existing one.

  2. Configure your model provider or use our hosted model provider.


Q: How is my data handled and stored when using Dify Cloud?

A: When you use Dify Cloud, your user data is securely stored on AWS servers located in the US-East region. This includes both the data you actively input and any generated data from your applications. We prioritize your data's security and integrity, ensuring that it is managed with the highest standards of cloud storage solutions.

Q: What measures are in place to protect my API keys and other sensitive information?

A: At Dify, we understand the importance of protecting your API keys and other secrets. These are encrypted at rest, which means Dify cannot view them and that only you, the rightful owner, have access to your secrets.

Q: Can you explain how application data is anonymized in Dify Cloud?

A: In Dify Cloud, we anonymize application data to ensure privacy and reduce encryption and decryption overheads. This means that the data used by applications is not directly associated with identifiable user accounts. By anonymizing the data, we enhance privacy while maintaining the performance of our cloud services.

Q: What is the process for deleting my account and all associated data from Dify Cloud?

A: If you decide to delete your account and remove all associated data from Dify Cloud, you can simply send a request to our support team at We are committed to respecting your privacy and data rights, and upon request, we will erase all your data from our systems, adhering to data protection regulations.

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