Application Toolkits

In Studio -- Application Orchestration, click Add Feature to open the application toolbox.

The application toolbox provides various additional features for Dify's applications:

Conversation Opening

In conversational applications, the AI will proactively say the first sentence or ask a question. You can edit the content of the opening, including the initial question. Using conversation openings can guide users to ask questions, explain the application background, and lower the barrier for initiating a conversation.

Next Step Question Suggestions

Setting next step question suggestions allows the AI to generate 3 follow-up questions based on the previous conversation, guiding the next round of interaction.

Citation and Attribution

When this feature is enabled, the large language model will cite content from the knowledge base when responding to questions. You can view specific citation details below the response, including the original text segment, segment number, and match score.

For more details, please see Citation and Attribution.

Content Moderation

During interactions with AI applications, we often have stringent requirements regarding content safety, user experience, and legal regulations. In such cases, we need the "Sensitive Content Moderation" feature to create a better interaction environment for end users.

For more details, please see Sensitive Content Moderation.

Annotated Replies

The annotated replies feature allows for customizable high-quality Q&A responses through manual editing and annotation.

See Annotated Replies.

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