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Welcome to Dify!

Dify is an open-source large language model (LLM) application development platform. It combines the concepts of Backend-as-a-Service and LLMOps to enable developers to quickly build production-grade generative AI applications. Even non-technical personnel can participate in the definition and data operations of AI applications.
By integrating the key technology stacks required for building LLM applications, including support for hundreds of models, an intuitive Prompt orchestration interface, high-quality RAG engines, and a flexible Agent framework, while providing a set of easy-to-use interfaces and APIs, Dify saves developers a lot of time reinventing the wheel, allowing them to focus on innovation and business needs.

Why Use Dify?

You can think of libraries like LangChain as toolboxes with hammers, nails, etc. In comparison, Dify provides a more production-ready, complete solution - think of Dify as a scaffolding system with refined engineering design and software testing.
Importantly, Dify is open source, co-created by a professional full-time team and community. You can self-deploy capabilities similar to Assistants API and GPTs based on any model, maintaining full control over your data with flexible security, all on an easy-to-use interface.
Our community users summarize their evaluation of Dify's products as simple, restrained, and rapid iteration.
- Lu Yu, Dify.AI CEO
We hope the above information and this guide can help you understand this product. We believe Dify is made for you.

What Can Dify Do?

The name Dify comes from Define + Modify, referring to defining and continuously improving your AI applications. It's made for you.
  • Startups - Quickly turn your AI ideas into reality, accelerating both success and failure. In the real world, dozens of teams have already built MVPs to get funding or win customer orders through Dify.
  • Integrate LLMs into existing businesses - Enhance capabilities of current apps by introducing LLMs. Access Dify’s RESTful APIs to decouple Prompts from business logic. Use Dify’s management interface to track data, costs and usage while continuously improving performance.
  • Enterprise LLM infrastructure - Some banks and internet companies are deploying Dify as an internal LLM gateway, accelerating the adoption of GenAI technologies while enabling centralized governance.
  • Explore LLM capabilities - Even as a tech enthusiast, you can easily practice Prompt engineering and Agent technologies through Dify. Over 60,000 developers have built their first app on Dify even before GPTs came out.

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