Key Concept


Nodes are the key components of a workflow. By connecting nodes with different functionalities, a series of operations within the workflow are executed. Nodes are categorized by type:

  • Basic Nodes:Start, End, Answer, LLM, Knowledge Retrieval, Applications (coming soon)

  • Question Understand:Quesition Classifier,Question Rewriting (coming soon), Sub-question Splitting (coming soon)

  • Logic Processing:IF/ELSE, Merge (coming soon), Loop (coming soon)

  • Transformation:Code, Template, Variable Assigner, Function Extraction (coming soon)

  • Others:HTTP Request

  • Tools:Built-in Tools, Custom Tools


Variables are crucial for linking the input and output of nodes within a workflow, facilitating the implementation of complex processing logic throughout the process.

  • Workflows need to define input variables for initiating execution or conversation.

  • Nodes require input variables for initiation; for instance, the input variable for a question classifier typically consists of the user's question.

  • Variables referenced within a node can only be those from preceding process nodes to ensure coherence and avoid duplication.

  • To prevent variable name duplication, node names must be unique.

  • The output variables of a node are fixed by the system and are not subject to modification.

Differences between Chatflow and Workflow

Application Scenario Differences

  • Chatflow: Targets conversational scenarios and represents an advanced orchestration mode for Chatbot application types.

  • Workflow: Geared towards automation and batch processing scenarios.

Differences in Nodes





Utilizes system-built variables for user input and file uploads

Utilizes system-built variables for file uploads


Not support End node

Uses an End node to output structured text at the conclusion of execution, which is not designed for mid-process output.


The Answer node is used for streaming output or fixed text replies and can be utilized mid-process.

Not support Answer node


Memory is automatically enabled to store and pass on the history of multi-turn dialogues.

Not support Memory configuration

Question Classifier

Memory is automatically enabled to store and pass on the history of multi-turn dialogues.

Not Support Memory configuration

Application Entry Division

  • Chatflow Entry:

  • Workflow Entry:

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